Monday, November 27, 2017


St. Sebastian Parishioners were in the news this past week.  I thought I would share some of the news with you.

Matthew and Elisabeth Akers were interviewed in the Coming Home Network Magazine.  You can read their story of the conversion to the Catholic faith HERE.


Parishioners have seen (and heard) Master Daniel Colaner any number of times playing the organ and piano at Masses and services at St. Sebastian.  Lynn Steward, our director of music and instructor of organ in the Academy of Culture and Arts at St. Sebastian has been teaching him how to play.  Daniel has soared in his musical abilities to the point of playing at Carnegie Hall and St. Patrick Cathedral this past weekend garnering for himself national attention.  Here are some links to news coverage of the event:

On November 23rd, a front page, above the fold article appeared about him in the Akron Beacon Journal (which, coincidentally, was also written by a St. Sebastian parishioner.)  Read more HERE.

Channel 5 picked up the story and it went national.  HERE is a link to one of the television news segments.  (The video for which was done by parishioner Joe McGee)

HERE is the local channel 5 segment.

Sunday night he was on World News Tonight.  See it HERE.

He appeared on Good Morning America according to THIS article.  

Recently there has been set up at the St. Sebastian Parish Foundation a fund to help young organists defray the cost of organ lessons.  As colleges across the country close their organ departments, we are trying to help make sure that there are organists to handle these beautiful instruments in the future.  If you would like to make a donation, HERE is the website where you may find how to contact the parish Foundation.  Or contact the Foundation development director, Kathy Holaday at 330.836.2233 extension 113 or

Some of our teachers appeared in the West Side Leader and the Akron Beacon Journal.  Scroll down after going HERE to read the story.


Anonymous said...

I went into Church today to drop off packages for the giving tree and was honored to have young Master Daniel and his parents come in the doors with me.
His parents are so sweet and kind and Master Daniel was a delight to meet and talk with. I heard a few minutes of his practice time and all I can say is WOW! He has been blessed with a remarkable talent. I was blessed to meet him and hear him play.

Cathy K said...

Daniel was featured on Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club" on 2/20/18. What a wonderful and remarkable young man!

The program:

Daniel's interview: