Tuesday, December 13, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Humble people are never discouraged because they trust not in themselves but in God. . . True humility and trust always go hand in hand."  from Jacques Philippe's, "Time for God"

QUOTE II:  "Truth,  not superficial inclination, is the guide to the authentic use of freedom."  same source


Last Thursday PBS filmed a special about Mother Mary Thomas (oft reported here) and her new painting.  I was invited to be part of it and was interviewed.  Apparently it is going to air on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I'll try to let you know when I know!  (Probably 2AM I bet!)

Last week the St. Sebastian Parish Choir performed at the Ohio Theater in Playhouse Square in Cleveland before the production of "A Christmas Carol."  This is a view leading up the theater:
Downtown Cleveland was really gussied up for Christmas!  And it was great fun getting in to the theater before the general public and seeing some of the behind closed doors stuff.  (And listening to the people sitting in front of me wondering who the great choir was and where they were from.)  Great job folks!  ALSO - THIS SUNDAY AT 7:30 IN THE CHURCH IS OUR ANNUAL ADVENT LESSONS AND CAROLS - FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!
 I just liked this.
 EVERY YEAR I could SWEAR that I buy a shorter tree.  EVERY YEAR this happens.  What is wrong with me?
I know I've shown Mark Cook before but he is giving a talk THIS THURSDAY in Forest Lodge at 7PM.  Come take a look!

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