Wednesday, December 28, 2016


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Anonymous said...

You may borrow Bishop Thomas, but you can't keep him. We like him in Toledo Diocese.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Bishop Lennon suffers from the same thing my mother-in-law has, vascular dementia. It is a dreadful, terrible thing.

God bless Bishop Lennon. He was very good to my parish, St. Bernard, when he sent Fr. Reed and Fr. Frank to us, and that he permitted Fr. Norm to stay with us for so many years. I will never forget that he was especially kind to my Goddaughters when I took them to meet him when he visited our sister parish, St. Mary.

I will pray wholeheartedly for Bishop Lennon.

Maybe now would be a good time for an ongoing rosary novena for whoever will be our next bishop, for his physical, mental, and spiritual health and protection. Many of us did the same for at least 15 months for our pastor from the time we were told St. Mary and St. Bernard were merging. Our merger was much more cordial than most and we have been blessed with an excellent pastor.

Whatever happens, God is always good and will not abandon us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sadly Bishop Lennon is suffering from Vascular Dementia, which sounds like a really horrible disease. He will be in our prayers.