Thursday, September 15, 2016


May your underwear be infested by he flees of a thousand camels!

There, now that that’s off my chest we can begin . . . 

When someone is rude, when someone’s driving skills are not up to your standards, when someone seems incompetent, when someone makes you wait DOES THAT NOT MAKE YOU ANGRY?  And boy does it feel GOOD to mutter a curse under your breath.

Or in a low, dangerous, gravely voice say, “I’m going to pray a rosary against you.”

(That was completely a joke btw.)

It is, however, a bit like peeing in your own well.  Like fish that have to swim in the pond in which they relieve themselves, we have to continue to live in this world with seemingly rude, slow, incompetent people.  (I say seemingly because they are equally as mad at you for being stuck up, pushy, and over critical.)  So why not say a prayer for the person instead of cursing them and making them worse human beings?  The best thing that could happen is they (or you) change and that there will no longer be a need to be angry and cursing.  The worst thing that can happen is that you had a moment of prayer instead of displaying the contours of one of your strikingly good-looking fingers.

It is easy to pray for people we like and who do things we enjoy and I am sure that there is benefit for prayers for them.  But do they need it as much as someone who ticks people off?  Perhaps the person who needs it the most is the person who least deserves it.  The fact that his actions are not inspiring love is a sign that he is in need of love.

Even if he does drive like a jerk.

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lgreen515 said...

Prayers for those who cut us off on the highway:

Oh Lord, convert them, lest they roast forever in the deepest cinders of Hell.
Oh Lord, convert them, lest maggots feed eternally on their rotting flesh.
Oh Lord, convert them, lest their deepest desires be forever frustrated.