Thursday, September 8, 2016


Do you know how awesome you are?

What are the odds that you would be reading this blog today?

Nobody would ever stake a bet on it.

The fact that you “are” is in and of itself astronomically breathtaking.

From the very dawn of creation, all the way back to Adam and Eve, only one small fact had to change and you wouldn’t be here.

Someone 3,000 year ago one person in your family line could have been trampled by an elephant and you would not have been born.  Or some rascal in your family tree could have been thrown into jail in the 5th century for drunk and disorderly conduct for just one special night causing someone in your family not to be born and you would not be reading this.  Effective contraception might have been invented in the 11th century and used just on one night and your whole family line could have been forever just a theory.

Someone could have turned left instead of right, been delayed just a little longer, had a cold, been selfish, been angry, been in an accident, misunderstood something, not risked, WHATEVER - in thousands of years, just one of these minor things could have happened and you would not be.  Depending on how far back one of these things might have occurred, much of the planet could have been people by entirely different family lines.

But you made it.  Why you?  Who knows?  Just be thankful and glad.

That is why we celebrate today the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She, of course, had to come first before Jesus could be born.  We thank God for the gift of her and her parents, Joachim and Ann.  How blessed we are!  Because of this blessed event we have Jesus, we have our faith, we have a Church, we have St. Sebastian, and I have the incredible gift which is you reading this blog.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of awesomeness...this blog. Thank you.

Stephen, the self-appointed Lay Parochial Deakonia. said...

Yes Father, You are correct. I am awesome. Please tell my wife.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have a lot gratitude after reading your blog !!