Monday, November 2, 2015


The other day I was thinking how very blessed I am to have a dog.  And not just any dog, but this dog, Sebastian, in particular.  One of his best features is that he suffers from separation anxiety.  That's not so good for the dog but wonderful for my health and wellbeing.  Because of this, I cannot just open the door and say, "Go outside and ease nature!"  Either he won't go out if it doesn't look as though I am going along or if he does go out he'll just stand looking the door, barking, "WELL!  AREN'T YOU COMING?"

You are as busy as you want to be as a priest.  This is very bad if you are a workaholic.  There's not a lot in place to tell you, "Hey!  Take it easy!  The Church survived 2,000 years without you, you don't have to save it today!"  There is occasionally the urge to skip a meal and just plow through paperwork (because it is so fun and exciting.)  But there is a big, black, insistent dog that comes up to me three times a day and says, "It's walk time now or clean the rug time later."

But because of these walks, I've seen so many wonderful things that I would have missed otherwise:

Of course, there is the occasional down side also.


Anonymous said...

I agree, those daily walks are good for the soul :-)

Pat said...

Our dog--of happy memory--also had separation anxiety.

I had to plan my errands to be no more than two hours at a time. And give him an edible treat just before I left.