Wednesday, September 30, 2015


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Else liked Catholicism, not so much the ethics as the aesthetics, and had explained to him how everything in the church building, even the basic elements such as bricks, mortar and stained-glass windows, was endowed with a religious symbolism that bordered on the comical.  And yet this simple symbolism possesed a gravitas, a subtext, a historical context and the faith of so many thinking people that it was impossible to dismiss."  from Jo Nesbo's, "The Son"

QUOTE II:  "A son's responsibility isn't to be like his father, but to be better than him."  same source.


From the Diocese of Cleveland Newsletter:  Bishop Lennon recounts his experience his experience with the Pope during his recent visit.  Read and see video HERE.

You might have read here a lot about a Mother Mary Thomas painting a giant mural and I said that there was a reason for this painting.  It was originally intended for a parish in Philadelphia, which unfortunately closed before the painting was completed.  It was then thought that it could be given to the Pope when he visited the United States.  Funny thing that - it isn't finished yet.  So a copy was brought to New York during the Pope's visit and unveiled and the hope is to offer a finished painting next year.

FOX news coverage of the painting HERE.

You may find the Plain Dealer coverage and photos HERE.

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