Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The weather is pretty bad outside and it is so close to Thanksgiving so I am giving the staff of Adam's Ale the rest of the week off!


Top ten things for which I was thankful for in the first ten minutes I woke up"

10. I woke up.
9. It is my "day away" and so I could fall back to sleep.
8. The comforter was comforting.
7. I could smell coffee.
6. I could see the most beautiful snow from my window without getting up.
5. I remembered to have my breviary on my night stand instead of across the room and so could stay in bed and pray.
4. I remembered I was going to see friends today.
3. My cough seems to be gone!
2. I am so happy to be a priest!
1. I remembered to be thankful.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that ADAMS ALE had a staff. I thought that it was Father Valencheck talking. Who is on this staff?


Anonymous said...

We, the readers of Adams Ale are thankful and happy that you are a priest, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Father! We at St. Sebastian are so grateful you are our paster! God bless!

Fr. V said...

Well RMK,
There are reporters, photographers, cartoonists, graphic artists, tech support, editors, researchers, all of which is just me. I just have fun making sound like there is more than me here.

Thanks anon 1 & 2