Monday, November 4, 2013


I have never had a lot of luck with mascots.  I am emotionally scarred by it.  It stems back pretty far in my life.  It all started back in the '70s when I attended Highland Junior High School in Barberton.
Don't get me wrong.  Scottie Dogs are great.  They make great pets.  They are cute.  The tie in nicely with the whole "Highland" theme.  That being said, they seem to elicit the idea of "play with me" rather than "fear me."  

I thought that was bad.  Then I went to High School.
I can't tell you how much a bunny rabbit coming out of a hat intimidated the Jaguars, or the Panthers, or even the Bees.  True, there was also the muscle bound CIGAM, a magician who sometimes shows up as a mascot, but mostly it was the rabbit.

Then there was college.
Yes, I was proud to be a Zip, and have our team play in the Rubber Bowl (the team and the stadium being named after those old fashioned rubber galoshes with the zipper on them), and have Zippy as our mascot, a kangaroo with a zipper that ran across his pouch.  I marched that field with great pride.

But just once . . .

In seminary we were the St. Mary Canons.  Yes, that is spelled correctly.  Named after canon law.  I know.  Scary huh?

Then I became pastor of St. Sebastian Parish
I guess I shouldn't be too hard on that little dog.  After all, this past weekend the St. Sebastian Terriers became the first team from Akron ever to win a diocesan wide football championship!  So there must be something to that whole "noble hunting dog" theme that people try to assure me with.

And besides, I could take pride in our city teams right?  There is hope as the Rubber Bowl (a stadium I always liked) is being sold to a developer that wants to start a new football team.  There's hope for a great mascot there right?


I am an absolute jinx.  There is no hope as long as I am around.  As much as I would like "Avenging Angels" or "Bullets" or "Charging Bulls," we will probably something cute and cuddly.

Don't believe me?  Ha!  I have PROOF!  Our local baseball team just changed their mascot.  Want to know what it is?  Go here.


Nan said...

Thanks for the songplant. Rubber ducky, you're the one, you make bathtime lots of fun, rubber ducky I'm awfully fond of you...

We went from the Braves at my high school, which is now the Blaze; I went to UND, home of the Fighting Sioux, but the politically correct NCAA has bowed down to the demands of 3 activist indians and the Sioux are now forbidden. I believe the team is now known as the Fighting Who?

MaryofSharon said...

Another good laugh! (So you started losing your hair in high school, eh? )

I don't see how the Akron baseball team is going to keep the image going of a fierce duck with a tire-track head. There are going to be squeaking cute little yellow duckies everywhere! Talk about unintimidating!

Cheryl said...

Oh man. I went to Highland as well, and yep, BHS. At least in college I was able to boast of the Purple Raiders.