Monday, November 25, 2013


We are so close the end of the liturgical year that you can already see the purple vestments being taken out of storage.  It is time for the annual changing over of the books.  The missal ribbons all need to be moved back to the front pages and we need to switch out the daily lectionary to the next cycle.  The weekend lectionary will be put on the shelf and its next sibling brought down and the Book of Gospels changes over.  We move from the current volume of the breviary to the first volume and reset all the ribbons in order to pray the Liturgy of the Hours in advent.  All of the hundreds of missallettes must be collected, hauled to the recycle bin, and replaced with the books for the new liturgical year.  And the ordos (the books that tell you what books you are supposed to be using and what page you should be looking at in those books) are discarded and replaced with new ones.  Finally, the lector’s workbooks are passed out that have the readings for the new year.  It is time consuming, sometimes wasteful, and often confusing.  But it is a great marking of the change of the seasons.  It is not unlike the muddy time between a colorful autumn and the white of winter.
Unless, of course, you are one of those person who uses ithings for everything.  In which case Saturday will be the day you hit the reset button.

No muddy season for you.



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it's time to head for Florida