Sunday, February 24, 2013


When I first came to St. Sebastian I was the only priest here.  So one of the first things I went about doing was fixing the rectory up in order to lure a retired priest to come here and help take some of the load.  Then I got Sebastian (the dog.)  Then help came by way of a parochial vicar, Fr. Pfieffer, and then Fr. Swirski, a retired priest came to live here.  It was a nice, full house.  It was especially nice to have so many priests to hear confessions.  When I first got here confession times were pretty lonely.  But as word got around that there were three priests here, things picked up dramatically.
Now four years have passed since Fr. Pfieffer came to St. Sebastian.  Fr. Swirski has moved to a retirement community and Fr. Pfieffer is up to move to a second assignment.  (Time has flown!)  It seems that the diocese is leaning toward sending us another parochial vicar unless something happens, but there is also a chance that it will be back to me and Sebastian and perhaps an effort to lure a retired priest back here.
It is becoming apparent that we are getting closer to the date that Fr. Pfieffer will be leaving as we talk about projects and then realize he will not be here to do them.  (Simba so sad.)  It made me think this past week of the moves that I made over the years from parish to parish, which leads me to some advice for those who are moving.
When I was clearing out my dresser drawers at the end of my first assignment I accidentally pulled out a drawer too far and it fell out:

Things had fallen out of the drawer and became hidden in the inner bowels of the furniture.  So this put me in mind of searching the inners of my desk before departing for good.
So naturally when I got to my next assignment the first thing I did was search behind the drawers there.  The results were not as wonderful.
It was much better when I came to St. Sebastian.
Now that I think about it, I probably should have returned them to the owner.  They were a swell pair of socks.

You might remember a few months ago we had donated to us a very nice desk once owned by a well to do fillanth . . . philanph . . .phiplan . . . good deed doer in Akron.  Of course one of the first things I did was go through the insides. 
It was mostly paperwork stuffed back there from the 1970s done on a typewriter.  There was letter saying his vacation house in Florida was ready for him to occupy and a few membership cards from local organizations such the Blue Coats.  Fun none the less.

Okay, now its time for you to take apart your furniture.  What did you find?


melody said...

Items I recall finding in our pre-owned belongings:

$20 bill
infant sock
Bacon-flavored dog treat
measuring cup
small laminated daily schedule
8 X 10 photograph of a rather buff bicep (I was too shy to return this to the owner)

Kate J said...

One time our house of kids was very tidy for the occasion of having our parish priest for dinner. The good Father was playing with the little dears and a ball happened to go behind a chest of drawers. Before I knew it, my husband and the priest had moved the furniture to retrieve the ball, and what was behind and under there went way beyond dust-bunnies. All the times I had my "little helpers" pick up their stray toys and clothes, they had deposited them in various nooks and crannies...
No treasures, but plenty of embarrassment.