Thursday, February 21, 2013


Adam's Ale is SIX YEARS OLD this February!  (Actually, this happened on the 3rd of February but I forgot.  That's 42 in dog years.  This blog is almost as old as I am now.)

That also means that THIS GUY is six years old:

It all started six years ago when I accidentally came across this video:

Then read her book and invited her to Cleveland to give some talks.  When she was in town she twisted my arm into starting a blog.  (Thank you Dawn.)

1,653, well 1,654 now, posts later Adam's Ale is still plugging along in its small little way. 

There have also been 7,519 posted comments by you.
The highest ranking referring site is our Akron Knight of Columbus and the Catholic Blog Site.
The page that keeps getting hits to this day is "The Official Prayer of the Catholic Church"
The highest ranking countries reading AA is the U.S., Russia, France, and Germany. (Interesting) 

Every year about this time I start to evaluate if this is the best use of my time.  I wonder if it is doing enough good to justify the part of the morning that I spend on it.  Fortunately THIS GUY:

recommends that priests blog.  And still more people read this daily than hear my daily homilies.  The only other thing that really saves it is that it give me a platform to address certain issues on which I would not otherwise have the opportunity.  So for at least the time being we will plug along.  If you like the blog, please consider saying a little prayer for it.

God bless & thanks for reading!

Fr. V


MJ said...

Love it! Read it every day that you post!! Happy Birthday Sebastian - looking good at age 6!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I missed seeing pictures of Sebastian!
Thanks for your blog! It's a daily read!

MaryofSharon said...

I sure appreciate your blog, too. It's such a great mix of rare insights into the daily life of a priest; a wealth of information on the sacred arts; good, clean humor (still waiting for you to publish your comic book); words of explanation and appreciation for the timeless beauty, goodness, and truth of our Church, accompanied by a frequent nudge (and an occasional rant) calling Her (and us) to more fully live it.

Keep in mind that priest bloggers won't have to go to purgatory.

God bless you with the discernment to know how He wants to use your many unique gifts and passions to draw His people to Himself, whether it be in decades more of Adam's Ale reaching the minds and hearts of many, or in ways yet unseen.

Matthew K said...

Thank you Father V. for your blog. It is on my (almost) daily circuit of Catholic blogs I read. I'm certain your visitors enjoy your stories, reflections and art more than you know.

Fr. V said...

Thanks guys.

Adoro said...

Congrats on 6 years, Fr. V! Hope to get back out to Akron/Cleveland one of these days, God willing. :-)

I miss you all and would never have been out there if it weren't for you, and I never would have entered grad school if it weren't for you, either. :-)

Cheryl said...

Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your posts, both the deeper and the lighter (especially when it means your sketches or your stories about Sebastian) - They are thought-provoking, entertaining and, sometimes, just a nice touch of home (as it was, after all, a mention of Barberton chicken that initially snagged me as a reader).

Blessings from TX to all y'all! :)