Tuesday, May 1, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Bombs do not drop from God's hand.  Triggers are not pulled by God's finger.  Each of us chooses, one by one, and God's eye does not turn from those who suffer or from those who inflict suffering."  from Mary Doria Russell's, "A Thread of Grace"

QUOTE II:  ". . . the one eliminated is a human being at the very beginning of life.  No one more absolutely innocent could be imagined.  In no way could this human being ever be considered an aggressor much less and unjust aggressor!"  Blessed John Paul II Evengelium Vitae


An interesting Pro-life article can be found here.

My sister purchased a new camera and we were goofing around taking pictures.  This one came out of Sebastian and made us laugh so I thought to share it with you.
Not enjoying work today?  Does it seem mundane and pointless as far as salvation history is concerned?  Then this video is for you!

This five minute video was sent in by P.  I find it very important for Catholics (and all people of faith) to watch - although I must say that I felt like I was in junior high school again being taken to task (rightfully) for something that I had done.

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter asks, "Did you know, the A-Z index located in the top banner section of the home page on the Diocese of Cleveland web site provides a resource of 150 Catholic web site links?"  (sadly Adam's Ale is not one of them)  Find them here.


Anonymous said...

How disturbing, Father, that you have chosen to post something so blatantly political on a religious blog. Your politics are obvious for all to see, but take my word for it that not all religious people, or for that matter, all Catholics, will agree with you. I really fail to see the point of displaying the self-serving and somewhat rude questioning by a Republican Congressman of a Cabinet official as anything other than a blatantly political statement by you. It is astonishingly one-sided. I would at one time have expected better of you than this. Alas, I'm finding your blog less and less interesting and relevant every day.....

Fr. V said...

Dear Anonomous,

Of COURSE I am political. I freely admit it. We are called to be by our faith. I urge you to be also. My faith has a role in my politics and my politics have a role in my faith. The state must have a seperation - NOT its people.

OF COURSE I care about the Constitution. OF COURSE I care about how the political landscape is changing - how it will effect my life, how I live it and how you do.

I am disturbed that you find this unworthy of discussion at a faith level and I encourage you to consider otherwise.

Fr. V said...

I am rereading you comment Annonymous grow more and more curious. I am not sure how you find the questioning self serving for the congressman - but could understand how you might find it rude though I find it pointed and for good reason: A person who is resonsible for putting together a law that will forever negatively change the Catholic Church in the United States cannot point to a justification or even reference a document that would give reason for this action. While I might understand why you are unhappy with the congressman if you are for the mandates, I am concerned that you are not at least as concerned at the response - and this is true no matter what your position in this matter is.

The COnstitution is at stake.

lgreen515 said...

Rep Gowdy was not rude, he was persistent. Sibelius was uncomfortable because she could not answer his legal question (an appropriate question of constitutional law, since this is a First Amendment matter.) She punted to the lawyers, but of course, she is the one ultimately responsible for the mandate. Gowdy's list of cases highlights the importance that the courts give to religious liberty, and gives me hope that the mandate will be speedily overturned.

Pat said...

My goodness, Anon.

The government is telling the Church to choose between upholding her moral teachings and upholding her social justice teachings (and ministries) and it is inappropriate to ask why?

Some governments tell the Church what doctrines she may uphold and which ones she may not. People are prohibited from the "free exercise" of their religion. An underground Church preserves the true faith, while the government-run church becomes, essentially, a religion "established" by the government. Is it not appropriate to "speak freely" about what is happening, nor to "petition the government for the redress of grievances?" These four issues are all contained within the First Amendment. Catholics are citizens too.