Friday, May 25, 2012


This is another monstrance at St. Sebastian.   We tend to use it at special events such as Corpus Christi (coming up in a couple of weeks.)  It is a bit larger than the monstrance featured last week and it weighs a ton.  It does not feel too bad when you first pick it up, but go on a long procession holding it up in your arms and it becomes a test of your endurance.  This year Fr. Pfeiffer has the honor of bearing our Lord in our Corpus Christi procession. Good think he is working out.

As you can see it is topped by a cross.  Our Lord finds His seat in the middle of a sun burst, which represents His Divine Glory.  Hundreds of gold metal rays shoot our from the center (and one has to be careful not to be stabbed by one or get it caught on a passing piece of material.)

It is difficult to make out here but Our Lord is surrounded by seven cherubim angels.  Cherub, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, is an Assyrian word that means to be near.  These represent the "near ones" to Jesus who are His servants, body guards, and courtiers. 

The base is equally beautiful.  Notice the rams heads toward the top of the base.  The ram in Christian symbolism had a few meanings.  Since the ram valiantly protects its heard it is a symbol of protection - appropriately at the base of a vessel holding something we consider most dear.  It is also a symbol of sacrifice (the sacrifice of Jesus and of the Mass.)  The Latin name for ram is Aries taken from the word meaning altar and so becomes an Old Testament name for Jesus.

The silver symbol below is of the Holy Spirit.
The intertwining M and A below stand for Mary.

This symbol is a monogram for Jesus and is the first three letters of His Name in Greek "IHS".

Below is our Corpus Christi procession from last year with one of our seminarians in the lead as crucifer.

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