Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's been a long but good day.  After Mass there was a field trip out to see the progress if the organ.  Unfortunately when we got back there were several emergencies not the least of which one of our great long standing parishioners seems to have taken a turn for the worse and I needed to go out an anoint her.  That means a lot stuff and this blog put on the back burner today. 

Just the same - here are some pictures from my field trip.  Below is Mr. Dexter from the organ company and Mr. Kastelic our business manager inspecting the progress on our organ.  Below are some of our pipes that are starting their journey through the company.

The wooden pipes in front will be reinstalled at St. Sebastian.  They are being tested here before they are refurbished.  I got to play them to see what they sounded like.  That was pretty cool.

We will be having a couple of pipes make from scratch.  Here is what is cool about this picture: To the man's left are a bunch of flat pieces of metal.  This is what pipes such as the ones in the first picture start out as.  These will soon be a rank of pipes.
This is not one of ours but one part of the process that ours will be going though.  This is where the pipes are cleaned.  As you can imagine a half a century of not being washed can mean for dirty pipes. 
Here is a small sampling of some of the inner workings of our organ.  Everywhere you look there are stacks of things with cards taped to them that read, "Akron."
If you look closely you will notice that the side of these boards read, "Canton."  That is because they belong to the original Schantz organ that was in Trinity Lutheran in Canton, Ohio (now closed.)  Now that they are being incorporated into the new organ at St. Sebastian, "Akron" is now stamped next to the "Canton" Stamps of 50 years ago.
This is our counsel completely gutted and getting ready to be rebuilt.

On the wall of the shop are drawings of our organ.

If you find this the least bit interesting there will be a trip for donors and would-donors (and very interested others) at the end of June.  Keep an eye out.

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