Sunday, June 12, 2011


As most of you know I have dog that I love named Sebastian. He is the best dog ever. EVER. Now there is an interloper in our lives.

Of course there are no tags.  SO we called all the people one calls when trying to find the owner of a lost dog.  We walked around the neighborhood hoping she would lead us to her home (no dice) getting the word out and putting up signs.  I even tried letting her go.  But like a homing pigeon she just comes back to St. Sebastian.  Every time.  (We should try less quality food.)

I don't want to get attached.  But then we ran into this problem:
So Fr. Pfieffer and I started trying out some names.

Nothing seemed to work for her.  I got in the habit of calling her Girlfriend.

So now she is knows as Anonymous.  Nonny for short.

She and Sebastian get along like gangbusters.
One must be careful walking through the rectory as a dog game make break out at your feet at any moment.

I tried to "give" the dog to Fr. Pfeiffer but that wasn't working out.
So - for right now - a couple more days of waiting for a phone call from her owner.  Then some lucky family in the parish will get her.



CO said...


Karen said...

Too funny! Hope you're able to off load Anonymous before you get too attached. How does Sebastian like the "interloper"?

Adoro said...


This is your BEST cartoon post yet! And exactly what I needed to read this morning!

I have an extra dog on my house now on purpose (fostering), but they won't play at all.

Anyway I have to take issue with something you said. MY dog is the Best. Dog. Ever. So THERE! :-P

Seriously, though, I think has a section for lost dogs - you could try that, or try posting her there.

Or...I just did a google search for lost dogs in Akron, OH and came up with several sites:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a17560d1ef61d5f5&biw=1024&bih=653

(sorry don't know how to link from comboxes)

Adoro said...

Could this be her?

Fr. V said...

Alas and alack - no it is not her. I got all excited. Thanks for the G.L. though - went through and then posted.


Cracked Pot said...


No tags? Is it possible that Nonny is a causalty of the economy? Could someone have removed her tags and set her free because he or she can no longer afford taking care of a large dog?

Sadly, it happens.

Adoro said...

Cracked Pot ~ Quite possible and happens a LOT which is very very sad given the number of rescue organizations willing to take a good dog and send her to a foster home at no cost to the person surrendering her.

Also possible she's a beloved pet who slipped her collar on a walk and couldn't find her way home. Also possible she was stolen and got away. That also happens.


Fr. V. ~ Sorry that wasn't her...I was hoping!

Babs said...

My boys met her today, she is a very sweet dog, they loved her. They decided that she should be called Mia, for "missing in action." Joey wanted to take her picture and make his own fliers to find her home. He decided that she was "too great of a dog to not have a loving family." I think that if her home isn't found that she would make a lovely addition to the rectory!

Anonymous said...

Someone may have seen you with Sabastian and decided that she would be safe in your care. If you don't find the owner, I think that she would be great for Father P!