Tuesday, April 5, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Perhaps dirt is the necessary condition of beauty,” he continued. “Perhaps hygiene and art can never be bedfellows. No Verdi, after all, without spitting into trumpets. No Duse without a crowd of malodorous bourgeois giving one another their coryzas. And think of the inexpugnable retreats for microbes prepared by Michelangelo in the curls of Moses’ beard!” from Aldous Huzley’s, “Time Must Have a Stop”

QUOTE II: “And how many chances to learn from the Master you have wasted by not knowing how to supernaturalize them?” Saint Josemarie Escriva


I grew up in an ethnic parish and occassionally we would get a complaint about singing a song in the native language of the parish. It was one of the few times my Mother would get her dander up. "God forbid!" she would muse loudly, "that a child should learn that "Jesu" means "Jesus" and "Bog" means "God!" The same seems to happen for Latin. "Nobody knows it," means it shouldn't be done.

However, the documents of Vatican II and more recently Pope Benedict call for every person to know their parts of the Mass in Latin so that when in a multicultural situation we can all still pray together. To that end, M sent in this article about kids learning Latin. Here is an expert: " I mean there is actually a [Pay attention:] substantial body of evidence that children who study Latin outperform their peers when it comes to reading, reading comprehension and vocabulary, as well as higher order thinking such as computation, concepts and problem solving."

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter asks if you are thinking about becoming Catholic. If so consider looking here at Catholics Come Home. From the same source: Here is a list of fish fries in the diocese.

P. sent these numbers in of you or someone you know is involved with a crisis pregnancy: Then tell them that this is a safe, confidential place to get help and to have their questions answered. · Here are the numbers: · Summit, Portage and Stark Counties….330.374.7863 · Cuyahoga County: 1.877.910.0093 and 1.855.910.0054 · National Crisis Pregnancy Hot Line (in case you are traveling) 1.800.395.4357

Support Good Habits! Here is a site that is trying to help a few Cleveland area young ladies out of debt so that they might enter a religious order. Have a look!

One of the problems that I am having with Blogger is that all of sudden all the spaceing dissappears. I go back and fix it and then - poof! - it disappears again. That is the biggest pain at the moment. Any advice from anyone? This never happened before this week.


Adoro said...

On spacing - I've had that problem too. Do you use "compose mode"? If so, go into "html mode" and add spaces there - just hitting "enter" will do it - blogger adds the codes. then go back into compose mode to see how it looks.

I've had problems, especially when using copy/paste - and have learned NEVER to paste into compose but always into html.

Anonymous said...

Yes, teach Latin. Learn Latin. Start in grade school. Students will learn more about the English language (not a bad thing) than they currently do.

I taught my son at home. Then in high school, he studied Latin for three years and earned the Gold Medal on the National Latin Exam (all 3 years). He was not a "language" or "humanities" student -- his interest was science. He became a National Merit Scholar (1% of all high school students).


Anonymous said...

don't ask me why it disappears ' ' ' ' I'm a computer dunce