Tuesday, November 23, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Love of money is called the root of evil because money is often the first agent of self-gratification . . . You can’t buy your way into heaven, but you can perhaps hoard your way to hell.” from Richard Russo’s, “Empire Falls”

QUOTE II: “You have your eternal life before you. You are a millionaire in immortality, and a millionaire whose fortune cannot be lost, whose fortune is less perishable than the stars and as long lasting as space or time. It is impossible for you to diminish your principle.” from Jack London’s “The Sea Wolf”


Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Kaz sent in this Thanksgiving Day quiz.

Catholicweb.com has a Catholic Directory to "Help people find Mass." Here is the link at CatholicDirectory.com This may be particularly useful for those traveling over the next few days. Mass Times Trust has also sent us their link and wrote, "I am writing to you today to tell you about some of the new wonderful benefits of our website MassTimestel.org. The I-Phone and other wireless devices will be activated shortly to supply you with Mass Times and allow access to our global church data."

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter want you to know, "The award-winning Daughters of St. Paul Choir is know for their fresh arrangements of time-honored classics. Their Christmas concerts allow them to do what the Daughters of St. Paul do best: communicate God's extraordinary love for every person. They sing well-loved carols and holiday favorites to combine a heartwarming collection of both lively and moving songs that celebrates the glory of the wonder and joy of the Christmas season." They will be performing at our cathedral church of Saint John on downtown Cleveland on December 3rd at 7:30. I'll be there! Say hi if you make it!

Make sure your kids watch this valuable lesson before getting into the Thanksgiving left overs:

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Karen said...

Father, I don't think asking people to show their kids that video is the best idea. If anything, watching that video will give kids ideas that won't end well. You'll pick up the paper the day after Thanksgiving and read the headline "NJ Mother Strangled Her Children In Butter Related Incident" and feel partly to blame when you see your blog referenced in the story. I did, however, enjoy the personified butter that tried to run away.