Friday, November 19, 2010


I will admit that I never even heard of this cross before. I found it accidentally while looking at the site Known as the Paternoster Cross (or Our Father.) Quoting the site, “Such a cross has been found on the walls of ancient Roman villas, with the letters A and O being the Latin equivalents for the Greek Α (alpha) and Ω (omega) terminating each arm showing Jesus to be the beginning and end, i.e. eternally divine.”

Using the beads of the Cross one starts with the large centre bead and prays the Our Father. The subsequent 10 beads one prays the Hail Marys as one contemplates the significant events of Salvation History and the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord. Therein is the nice tie-in with the mystery of the Cross.


Check the Chesterton site (click on the picture to the right) for meeting updates.

Anybody else as dissappointed as I am at the hype over Bishop Lennon on FOX news last night?


MJ said...

Quite frankly, I saw the "teaser" that it was going to be on the news last night and thought here we go again bashing the Catholic Church. So I didn't bother watching it. Figured I would just be angry and not be able to sleep :-(

Anonymous said...

Somebody still watches FOX News? It's just a babe parade, isn't it?

ck said...

I thought everything Bishop Lennon said was honest, fair, and respectful...and he didn't even know he was being recorded! This woman should be ashamed of herself. The comments online seem to be supportive of the bishop.

Anonymous said...

. . . it wasn't on the FOX NEWS cable channel, it was on Cleveland's local FOX 8 news.

It was discraceful and cowardly to record the bishop like that.

Patty said...

I just found and listened to the recording. Wow...

The woman was out of line to record the conversation and I agree that he was fair and honest.

I've never been part of a parish that closed but I can imagine it is difficult. That doesn't give her any excuses to behave as she did. She needs to respect his authority. I will pray for her conversion.