Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The old Missal or no Missal” is a strange thing to hear especially since it less and less means the extraordinary form of the Mass but the current translation. A commenter said, and it was true, that many people will vote with their feet. This will be the case, at least for some.

The disturbing thing about this though is the reason for the voting. Unlike a priest that had horrible homilies or the community that seems closed in on itself or what have you in which you could go to the parish in the next town, this is an action of the Universal Church – or at least English speaking part of it. That means that a person who is “voting,” unless they are going to something a kin to the Spanish speaking Mass down the road or one of the Eastern Rites, is leaving the Church. That I cannot fathom.

I try to think of the hurt some persons might feel in their attachment to the current translation or the frustration of the time spent on the translation when one might feel there are other things that should be done – or perhaps the WAY that it was done – whatever – and I feel for those who are in angst over it. But to vote with your feet, which essentially means saying goodbye to the Eucharist, is beyond my ken. Like Saint Jerome who attended Mass from a ladder through a window for ten years, or when Cromwell invaded Ireland and the Irish had to attend secret Masses and risk death, when the Missal was changed from Latin causing many distress, or even modern day parishioners in the Cleveland Diocese who face the closure of the parishes that married their grandparents, baptized their parents, schooled them, and provided years of shelter from the storms of life but have gone to another parish, all seeking to remain in the Church because in the end it is the Eucharist that is most important.

The Eucharist; the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As Sheldon Vanauken said in his book, “A Severe Mercy,” if this is so, (and I paraphrase) this is quite simply the most important truth in the world. Tear down our buildings, punish us for celebrating Mass, ridicule the Church, push us to the very margins of society, put imbeciles in charge of us, but don’t take away the Eucharist. Without the Eucharist the world is a cold and lonely place.


Anonymous said...

There are struggles in the Church. There always have been and always will be-- because there are people in it.
I stand with Peter, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68


Anonymous said...

I think for most, at least those in print, who have strong objections and are causing a big stir and stink, were leaving quite some time ago, at least in their heart.

TimcoStandard said...

Fortunately, there's no need to think about leaving the Church or switching to an Eastern Rite. Translations are no problem here! You can now attend the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Sebastian at 1:PM every Sunday and bring your own missal (or use our missal booklets). It's a beautiful Mass with Gregorian Chant, and you can receive communion kneeling at the communion rail! Everyone is welcome to attend! Hope to see you there.