Monday, October 22, 2007


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “When every man lives without law, every man lives without freedom.” Pope Benedict XVI

QUOTE II: “I went to a restaurant that served breakfast anytime so I ordered French toast during the Renaissance.” Steven Wright


There is a whole lot of brouhaha in Church gossip over the proper translations of the mass. It might be good to keep in mind that making a single translation for the entire English speaking world is not easy as the Reduced Shakespeare Company has made obvious through this short list that, though we have the words in common, do not mean the same thing after one crosses the pond, hence provoking Oscar Wilde’s assertion of us being two people divided by a common language. Your job is to give the American English equivalent words to these British words.

1. Crisps
2. Chips
3. Boot
4. Bonnet
5. Advert
6. Chemist
7. Braces
8. Bands
9. Suspenders
10. Solicitor
11. Pavement
12. Queen

Answers Wednesday.

Today is the deadline for pre-purchased tickets for the Friday showing of Bella. Some of you indicated that you may try to show up and join us at the theater. There have been no wholesale purchasing of seats for the particular house that we are attending so that might work out fine. For those of you who need addresses to Mapquest, Habemus Papem graciously looked them up.
5:30 dinner at Don Pablo
36455 Euclid Ave. Willoughby, OH 44094

7pm Movie at Regal Cinema36655 Euclid Ave.
Willoughby, OH 44094


Anonymous said...

1 Chips
2 Fries
3 Trunk
4 Hood
5 Commercial
6 Pharmacy/Pharmacist/Drugstore
7 Suspenders
8 ?? (Elastic vs. Rubber?)
9 Garters
10 Lawyer
11 Sidewalk
12 Homosexual (or Your Majesty?)


uncle jim said...

thanks for the addresses...

is there a dress code in this group? i only have one, and i'm thinking to let my wife use it.

if i wear my bibs, maybe they'll let us be near the kitchen, or worse.

if i wear coat and tie, you all might mistake me for who i'm not.

if i wear work clothes, i can be blue collar.

i will not wear a dog collar, i'll leave that to you, fr v.

we are excited to be coming.

Anonymous said...

O merciful heavens, another Steven Wright fan? That's always so spooky, lol, but yay!

Anonymous said...

When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any firearms with me. I said, "What do you need?"

If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happen if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?

uncle jim said...

I mapped the restaurant & theater.


There appears to be a
"Don Pablo's Mexican Kitchen"
at 36455 Euclid

and a "Don Pablo's"
at 36955 Euclid

and the theater
at 36455 Euclid

A satellite map shows both of those restaurant locations out in front of a shopping center area where the theater appears to be.

One restaurant is a couple short blocks from the other on the same side of the same road, with only a couple of other structures between them.


uncle jim said...
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Anonymous said...

Don Pablos is 36455 Euclid - it is in the Willougby Commons Shopping Plaza. Target, PetsMart, Office Max are all located in the plaza.

Don Pablos is almost across the street from the McDonalds on Euclid. If you pass McDonalds, you'll see a light at Robinhood Drive - turn left there into the plaza.

Don Pablos is close to that entrance. The movie theatre is just past BJ's (same shopping plaza).

Lillian Marie

Rich said...

Still looks good for us, padre. We will plan to meet at the theatre. Let me know if I need to send you anything.

uncle jim said...

My wife questions the sanity of her chauffeur ... me.

"We're going to drive over 5 hours to Cleveland to have dinner and go to a movie with a group of people you've never met, never talked to [in the traditional sense], who like wise should be asking the same questions and be leery of you - yet they seem willing and you seem anxious - what isn't right about this picture? What am I missing?"

Well, I haven't answered her to her satisfaction yet, but she's coming along anyways - I think to protect all of you.

Please give it a little extra effort to make her feel a little less strange about this - I know that once she meets all of you, she'll get over it ... won't she?

One Big Happy Family!

Adoro te Devote said...

I LOVE Steven Wright!

* I spilled spot remover on my he's gone.

* I parked my car in a tow-away zone. When I got back, the whole area was gone.

* I wallpapered my downstairs to look just like my second floor. Now I never have to go up there.

* I called information because I couldn't find my other sock. She told me to look behind the couch. It was there.

* Sometimes I like to look up at the sky and wave for a satellite photograph.

* I can't stop thinking like this...

uncle jim said...

is steven wright in all those books you use for class?
or do you take time away from your studies to explore our world / his world?
gotta get your nose out of text books once in a while.
i,though, had never heard of or noticed mr wright before ... now i gotta go to amazon and maybe do a little exploring.
oh ... and that waving at the satellite thhing - i've done that

Anonymous said...


As I say, spooky, but YAY!!