Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Will is an extremely cool guy, but I did not trust him. He is my coach in training with weights and fortunately for me he was extremely patient. At first when lifting and I felt my arms begin to tire and weaken I would gladly and promptly set them on the rests. Over and over he would say, “Just keep going, if your arms fail you I will help you out.” That was nice and all but my brain kept saying, “If you arms fail you that bar is going to come crashing down and either break a few ribs or knock your teeth out.”

Finally I did start trusting him and he was able to do so much more for me. Now some real progress is being made. I am confident now that when my arms start to fail that he knows what he is doing and will make up for my loss of strength. Now he has someone with whom he can really work.

In the same way Will wanted me to trust him, so does Christ. He tells us that he is sending us out like lambs among wolves. Not a great prospect. Bad things happen to a lamb who hangs out with wild wolves. It sounds like an invitation to slaughter. That is an awful lot of trust for which He is calling.

Yet what do we fear? Being made sport of? Being ignored? Being roughed up? But is that not what one risks for the one he loves? What if we are slaughtered like a lamb among wolves? Are we then not just thrust directly into the arms of the One we desire?

Finally I did start trusting Him and He was able to do so much more with me. Now real progress is being made. I am confident now that when my strength starts to fail that He knows what He is doing and will make for my loss. Now He has someone with whom He can really work.
Trust Him.


Adoro te Devote said...

Great analogy! I will have to remember this one...I am constantly not trusting God. He's so patient.

uncle jim said...

and I really need this one today

Habemus Papam said...

I'm with you Uncle Jim, I needed this one today as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Me, too..

Thanks, Fr. V.

Beth said...

I really needed to read this today. I've known for quite awhile that I have a trusting problem, but this week has been rough. It's hard for me to trust that God has a plan and knows what He's doing, when according to all human expectations, it looks like total chaos. The "His plans are not our plans" line doesn't make it any easier either. But this analogy really helps me. I didn't trust my trainer when I first started working with him, but by the end, I had total confidence in him.