Saturday, October 20, 2007


I am very grateful to Kay for sending in this week's video on tap! It has been a hectic week and I have not had time to look for one. It is an inspiring short story (6 minutes) that lifts your spirits and reveals the dignity of all of us.


Do you want to want to find out where the movie Bella is opening? Check out their website here and click on "Find a Theater Near You."

For those of you around here and want to go with a group of Adam's Alers on Friday the 26th of October at 7:00 in Willoughby (and want Habemus Papem to count you in among those who will have their tickets picked up early so that you are assured of a seat) please let me know by Tuesday if you have not already responded by E-mail or by the comment section of the Bella posts. Tickets for clergy, religious, and seminarians are FREE (for those of you who let us know you are coming) due to a generous benefactor. Also, for those of you who are interested, we will meet at Don Pablos (more info to follow) to eat before hand.

Jay announces that the latest Catholic Carnival is up and running!


Anonymous said...

My Light Weigh group will meet you at Bella. We are celebrating one of our members reaching her goal weight. Although we will not meet you at Don Pablos, I'm sure we'll see you there. Lillian Marie

uncle jim said...

We'd be glad to meet for dinner. Have HP send me address or whatever, then we can follow the crowd to the theatre and get too lost. We have reservations at the Marriott Fairfield Inn in Willoughby. Directions from there?

Fr. V said...

Will do.

MJ said...

I think I responded before but want to make sure. I would like a ticket and will meet at Don Pablos.

Adoro te Devote said...

Oh, the agony! Not only is a cool group going to go to the movie, but you're going to meet at DON PABLO'S!? That's my favorite restaurant!

I really wanna go!

That does it. I'm in the wrong state. Where is Scotty to beam people around when we need him?

And when are you all going to road trip up this direction? Minnesota is real pretty this time of year. You should SEE the gorgeous colors on the highways and byways and sidestreets. Seriously...God does great work.

He didn't do such a good job of placing his people, however. *grumpy and pouting*

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Team Hoyt. Dear God, to have a father like that? Whew! We tutored a young man who'd have been game for any of that, but oh, my, not only did his dad take off on all 5 kids, but they were poor as well as black, and our friend had never gone to school..until these college courses we were trying to help him nail. His brother spent all his spare time after work inventing things to make our friend's life easier. And he thinks he is forgotten by God as well as by man; he only knows his family appreciated it.

Unrelatedly, I hope Fr. Cleveland (and his Bishop) doesn't mind that I'm rooting for Papi and Manny and DiceK tonight..

uncle jim said...


re manny and company:
may the big green wall collapse about them
and may the cuyahoga indians beat their tom-toms in victory

i'll be watching the night skies for the smoke signals

uncle jim said...

I think other bloggers reading here should take this video back to their own site.
Everyone has some different readers ... it can criss-cross the country overnight.
Go for it! Spread the words.

Know any tri-athletes who would enjoy it [or not]?