Wednesday, May 30, 2018


It is not unusual for someone to be mad at God because it appears as though He is not answering their prayers.  Usually this means that God is not following our directions properly.  “If He loved me, He would do as I request because - well - it’s really what I want.”

And it is interesting to ponder if God thinks the same thing.  “I’ve told them exactly what I want.  Why don’t they listen?”  But the difference is that God doesn’t get mad and He will be there tomorrow listening just as intently as He did the day before and hoping we will listen just as attentively.  

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Anonymous said...

Well done, Father! As Fr. Albert Reymann used to tell us often when he was retired at St. Bernard years ago, God *always* answers our prayers. He says yes, and we are granted something we have asked for. He says yes, but not right now, and we have to wait a while for things to fall into place at the right time. Or He says no, and it is because what we ask for is not good for us, or even dangerous, and we don't realize it.

God also yanks us out of bad situations (bad companions/boyfriends/girlfriends, jobs, or unwholesome situations) for our own good. Even though it may seem at the time that the worst has happened, six months later we may be very grateful to be out of certain friendships and situations. God is *always* our good and loving father, no matter what.

God bless you and everyone at St. Sebastian - Sue, ofs