Tuesday, May 22, 2018


TUESDAY QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  "Maybe you're a handy-man's dream, a real fixer-upper.  How can you start your renovations without being demoralized, even crushed, by your internal critic's lengthy and painful report of your inadequacies?  Here's a hint.  The future is like the past.  But the past is fixed, but the future - to could be better.  It could better, some precise amount - the amount that can be achieved, perhaps, in a day, with some minimal engagement."  from Jordan Peterson's, "12 Rules for Life"


Mark Rosenberger & S. D. sent this in:  Hi all!  We won a national Gabriel Award!!!!!!!
The Catholic Press Association presents the Gabriel Award each year.  It is the largest Catholic communicators’ award program in North America, judging over 2600 entries annually from journalists, book authors, broadcasters and students. This prestigious award recognizes the best in artistic, creative, and inspirational media productions that entertain and enrich with a real vision of humanity and life.
Okay, so… what won? 
Back in January of 2017 Carrie Wise did a story about 83 year old Mother Mary Thomas who became a cloistered nun more than 50 years ago.  What is different about Mother Mary Thomas is that she paints murals… big, beautiful murals. 
Congratulations to Carrie, the ideastream Arts and Culture Unit and everyone who had a part in bringing this great story to audiences here and everywhere! 

Some of Mother's painting are at St. Sebastian.  Also, yours truly appears in this documentary.  ALSO this documentary is final three contender for a local Emmy!  If you have not seen it, you may see it HERE.

Deacon Stavarz sent THIS in concerning Avila Institute.

Here's some renovation updates.  The ORGAN IS BEING REINSTALLED!
 The removal of the front doors has begun.
 The saints are lining up for their makeovers.
 St. Francis' toe and his sparrow's tail has been replaced.
 And work continues on the shield.

Good news bad news:  The good news is that last night Theology on the Rocks concerning how to  your encourage your adult children to practice the faith had an OUTSTANDING talk by Fr. Kevin Klonowski.  The bad news is that it was so needed.  The venue was too packed.  We will reschedule his talk for a second time for those who were not able to get in.  Keep an eye out.  Also, we are speaking with the restaurant about the food shortage.  (They were understaffed that night.)  

This video was sent in by M. W.  Could you imagine if he were a politician in the United States?

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Mary W. said...

Hey, that's great to see that Dcn. Stavarz recommends the Avila Institute! It is a wonderful school of Catholic spirituality with excellent online courses about prayer, growing in holiness, and the wisdom of the saints. I took a fantastic class on prayer there. I've been meaning to let the seminary know about their High Calling Program for seminarians, which can be found here: https://avila-institute.org/high-calling/