Tuesday, May 8, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "In matters of dogma, faith places all intellects on the same level, the learned man and the ignorant, the genius and the common herd must all subscribe to the same details of belief; rich and poor must follow the same observances, and it imposes the same austerities upon the strong and the weak; it makes no compromise with any mortal, but applying the same standard to every human being, it mingles all classes of society at the foot of the same altar, just as they are mingled in the sight of God . . . Thus, American Catholics are both the most obedient of the faithful and the most independent citizens."  Alexis de Tocqueville as found in Archbishop Chatput's, "Render unto Caesar"


Hope to see you at the next Theology on Tap:  Better parking and good food at the Barely House in downtown Akron, but the room is a little difficult to locate!  We should have more signs this time.
 Today's construction progress:  The destruction of the old plaza is going quickly:
 Now it is ready for testing to make sure we are building the new plaza on a good foundation:

Work on the shield continues.  Say hi to Lindsay way up there.  (Did you know the child is about 9'?
Just found out that our painting of St. Julie Billiart was used in a video about her feast day:

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