Friday, June 1, 2018


Fundraising has been part of the parish life from the very beginning.  The first fundraising activities were begun by the Sanctuary Society and consisted of a number of card parties.  Bridge was the game of the parish and Bridge Flights continue until this day.  The funds provided to the parish from the bridge flights in 2015 were used to commission an icon of St. Sebastian to be revealed at the 90th anniversary of the parish.  A new order of young Byzantine nuns located within the Diocese of Cleveland rely on these commissions if icons to help sustain themselves.

The first bridge party and dance was held on 16 October, 1928, in the Knights of Columbus Auditorium, the Knights of Columbus being another organization that had greatly helped in the founding of the parish.  The evening was a great success and was followed by a number of Bridge Parties in the homes of members of the Society.  

A couple of noteworthy parties include one thrown by Mrs. Guy Grimsby and Mrs. O. W. Burgess who were not members of the parish but desired to assist the fledgling new Catholic community.  The event was held at the Liedertafel Hall.  Another pays tribute to the idea that ecumenism is not a new idea with Vatican II.  On April 25th, a party sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cunningham was had filling “every available inch” of the Knights of Columbus Hall.  It was said that it “drew friends from every part of the city, Catholic and non-Catholic” alike.

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Chris P. said...

So... dumb question...

If a cloister of Nuns (or a Church like St. Nicholas in Barberton) is of the Byzantine Catholic (or Maronite or.... whatever) flavor - are they technically in the Diocese, or do they fall under that Eparchy, or is it both, or what?

I've always wondered about this. I know Church bulletins for those guys always say Eparchy and only occasionally reference the Diocese.