Tuesday, March 27, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "And even if it were possible to permanently banish everything threatening - everything dangerous (and therefore, everything challenging and interesting), that would mean only that another danger would emerge: that of permanent human infantilism and absolute uselessness."  from Jordan Peterson's, "12 Rules for Life"

QUOTE II:  "Beauty shames the ugly.  Strength shames the weak.  Death shames the living - and the ideal shames us all.  same source.


D.S. sent in the article, "Don't Let Liars Tell the Story in Your Home."  Read it HERE.

TODAY (Tuesday) is the Chrism Mass in the Diocese of Cleveland.  You are invited to attend but if you cannot, you can watch it live streamed beginning at 7PM HERE.

It's Holy Week!  Remember that for the rest of the week the Mass/service schedule at your parish will be chaotic so keep an eye on the bulletin or website for exactly when to show up.  HERE is the St. Sebastian website which has our schedule.

Also, this is the last week that we will have weekday Masses in our church.  We begin the 2 month long restoration on Easter Monday.  (There is NEVER a good time to do this.  But here we go.  I can't believe it is actually time to begin!)

Here is your video for this week:

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