Sunday, May 12, 2013


Last Thursday Fr. Pfeiffer and I went to Cleveland to our cathedral of St. John the Evangelist to watch our choir compete in the WCLV Jubilation choir contest.  They were finalists along with 5 other choirs from north east Ohio who were to perform and be judge live on the radio.  We did great though we did not win first place.  We did great though and I was so proud of our choir!
When our choir was taking their place in front of the sanctuary I heard a lady behind me whisper to her companion, "My goodness!  They just keep coming!  There's tons of them!"  It made my little pastor heart swell with pride knowing that over a dozen of them were missing to boot!
The contest did no start until 8PM and we decided to make an evening of it - especially considering that we are nearing the end of Fr. Pf's time here at St. Sebastian.  So we left early and went out to eat beforehand.  Heading toward an area of restaurants that I like we passed a tiny bistro that I had never seen before owing to never having walked down this little side street.  They had Fr. Pf's favorite item on the menu and so we popped in to have dinner.
A patron came over to our table and greeted us.
It was by way of thanking us for being priests.  It was terribly nice and thoughtful of him and lifted my spirits considerably.
Dinner went a little long and so I asked if there was coffee to go that we could drink on our walk back to the cathedral.  The waitress (who was very good and kind) winked and said, "Wait and let me check on that for you."  She came back with steaming hot coffee in paper coffee cups.
I may be a celibate, but I am not opposed to a little innocent flattery from a kind waitress. 

Then another waitress brought us our check quickly when we said we had to take off.  She took care of us efficiently even though she was quite busy.
We finished desert as she cashed us out.


Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, my heart alwasy fills with joy when I see a priest and it is hard not to go over and greet him.

Why do you always show Father P having blond hair?

God Bless.,

Fr. V said...

Funny you should ask.

I thought he had blonde hair until one day at dinner he asked me why I drew him with blonde hair. It was at that moment I realized his hair was brown.

MaryofSharon said...

Congratulations on the choir's success! Among other things, their accomplishments are a tribute to a pastor willing to make beautiful sacred music a priority.

(I've wondered about the blonde hair, too. He looks like the type who was probably blonde when he was little! I've actually wanted more about the spikiness of his hair than the color!)

MaryofSharon said...

*wondered* NOT "wanted"