Sunday, December 23, 2012


So no kidding; this is the Christmas tree in the St. Sebastian rectory and even though there are two priests and a couple of seminarians staying here - not to mention the couple of priests who will be visiting and staying with us next week - most of the presents under the tree are for Sebastian.  (For the uninitiated, Sebastian is my dog.)  Mostly only the tall skinny bags are for us.  For the young folk who may be wondering what is in the tall skinny bags - they are bottles of shampoo. 
Sebastian is pretty popular (and that makes me happy.  He does good ministry.)  So this past Sunday I took him for a walk during the 1:00 Mass as is my custom.
We were first stopped by one of Sebastian's favorite people in the world.
She pulled over and got out of the car to greet Sebastian and give him his Christmas gifts.
The poor grammar is not actually the above person's fault, it was the result of me trying to post too quickly and changing what I was going to say mid sentence and then not going back and changing it.  Ah well, such is life.
Anyway, no sooner does she pull away than somebody comes by to give him another present.
Apparently people drive around with gifts for dogs just in case they might run into them.  And while still talking to the second person this happened:
So maybe I looked a bit like Dickens character.  I must give her that much.  Below is an old picture of me.  I was dressed pretty much like this on Sunday so I suppose it could seem like I was in a play or something.  But hey, if it means people will stop their cars and give me hamburgers I'm Okay with that.
So there I am carrying all this presents, dressed like a Dickens character with the best looking dog in the world walking through the park in the snow - I guess it might have been a scene of sorts which is why this then happened:



Sharon said...

I hope every resident of the presbytery (rectory) especially Sebastian has a happy and a holy Christmas.

Lurker from Australia - 102 F here in Melbourne on Sunday.

Matt W said...

Merry Christmas!

Ex ore parvulorum: "Why does Fr. V. need so much shampoo?" Be ready to field that question.