Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I found this story among some notes used for a homily a number of years ago. It bears repeating.

Traveling down the road and listening to a call in advice show (the name of which has long been forgotten) this situation was presented to the host:

“The company I co-own owns tickets to (some big sports team.) When my oldest son turned 16 I took him to the big game for his birthday. I only get the tickets once a year and it is impossible to get them otherwise. Anyway, I told my younger son that when he turned 16 that I would take him.

“Time passes and my younger son is now 16 and he is looking forward to the game. However the tickets are now invaluable and they do an incredible amount for my company. The schmooze value is through the roof. There are 110 reasons why everyone would benefit including my son if I used the tickets for clients.

“I am at a lost at what I should do. Do you have any advice how to handle this?”

The host responded with only one devastating comment:

“Give the tickets to that which you love.”

Define in your mind what you love because that determines why you get up, do what you do, and who or what gets your time, care, thoughts, concern, words, priority, presence, prayers, forgiveness, heart, and tickets.

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Beth Lemer said...

AMEN! great post!