Friday, May 20, 2011


This weekend is ordination weekend in the Diocese of Cleveland. It is always a great thing to go to and the diocese as a whole is invited so go if you can. (Saturday at 10:00 at the Cathedral.) Duties at the parish will keep me from going but Fr. Pfeiffer will be there.
Part of the ceremony is the laying on of hands. The laying on of hands is a prayer calling down the Holy Spirit upon a person. When you think of it, the gesture is beautiful. Extending back through the Bible a man who was likewise ordained and has the faculties (a duly empowered bishop) calls down the Holy Spirit, chooses a man, and signifies the choice to the community all by the laying on of hands. This has been going on in the Catholic Church since its foundation. Therefore in theory I should be able to trace my ordination back to a bishop who can trace his ordination back to a bishop who can trace his ordination back to a bishop all the way back to an Apostle.

This is not the only place that the laying on of hands takes place however. It is also used to call down the Holy Spirit at confirmation. There is a laying of hands at the anointing of the sick also.

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Anonymous said...

The laying on of hands at an ordination always affects me. Watching the line of priests come forward to pray for this (these) new brother(s) is probably the most powerful thing I have ever witnessed. Our diocese has ordinations on the first Saturday in May and the new priests' first Masses are held on Mothers' Day. Sadly, none of my sons was called to this vocation, so I can only imagine the joy in a mother's heart when she sees her son in the sanctuary that day.