Tuesday, March 15, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “. . . If we want to follow Jesus Christ, if we want to be his disciples, we must enter into the Catholicity of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Catholic because he embraces all of humanity, and if we want to be what he is, we can go to him by embracing all of humanity. . .” Father Maurice Zundel, a Swiss mystic

QUOTE II: “But what we shouldn’t change about this 2-millenia-old religious movement is its inconvenient refusal to forget the poor and vulnerable . . .” Tim Krattenmaker in an article entitled, “Why Catholicism Is Good for America” in USA Today.


40 Days by Matt Maher:

Worlds largest Stations of the Cross line the streets of Rome. See more on the story here. Thanks JP

In the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter the diocese responds to an article in the Plain Dealer. Click here for more concerning this: "In his February 23, 2011 Plain Dealer article, Tom Ott suggested that students in our Catholic schools fare no better than students in the Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD.) While the test data posted by Mr. Ott is accurate, but very limited, he leads the reader to an inaccurate conclusion."

From the same source: Keep informed! You can now "fan" the Diocese of Cleveland on Facebook. (I actually have no idea what this means.) Read more here.

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