Monday, April 13, 2009


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND - "If we do not think love involves suffering we have not spent much time looking at the Cross." Christopher West

QUOTE II - ". . .genius may have its limits, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." from Mary Doria Russell's, "The Sparrow"


The Mailbox was a bit light this week. The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter has provided this link to our bishop giving his Easter homily.

Here's a note about World "Worldpriest, a group of committed Catholic communications lay people, will launch their latest initiative to promote the Priesthood—a Catholic Identity Card—on Easter Sunday, 12th April 2009.

Based in both the United States and Ireland Worldpriest is made up of a group of communications professionals who love and cherish the Priesthood of Jesus Christ and employ their skills to promote the Priesthood."

The Catholic Identity Card concept was devised by Marion Mulhall, President of Worldpriest Inc to allow people the opportunity to confirm their identity as Catholics and acknowledge the integral role of Priests in the Church and in their lives. “Our wallets are filled with plastic cards proclaiming we shop at this store, deal with this bank or are a member of that gym,” Mulhall explains. “In this context, we feel it is surely the right time, in a gentle personal fashion, to make a statement proclaiming that we are Catholic by carrying a Catholic Identity Card”.

CatholiCity provides this link for cool Catholic sites. "We have carefully screened thousands of Catholic links for faithfulness to Catholic teaching, focusing on sites providing a national service or unique information. Despite our best efforts to screen and regularly review our links, it's obviously not possible for us to be responsible for the contents or changes in content or questionable links on other websites. Contents on websites linked here do not necessarily represent the views of or its workers. Use your best judgment and be careful out there. May Our Lord guide your search."

And just because it caught my fancy:

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