Monday, November 24, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "Eventually there will be no more Eucharist. In heaven there will be no ten o'clock Mass. But there will be the Body of Christ. Therefore we should not defame either expression of the Body." Archbishop Niedermeier

QUOTE II - "Tomorrow you will be ordained a priest because God doesn't trust you to be a good layman." Unknown


Michael sent this link to a video on of Andrea Bocelli's, "Gloria A Te, Cristo Gesu". There are some great clips remembering John Paul II. Thanks Mike.

For those of you in the Diocese of Cleveland, our Enewsletter reports, "The Most Reverend Richard G. Lennon, Bishop, Diocese of Cleveland was recently a guest speaker at a gathering of the First Friday Forum of Lorain County. After his luncheon talk, the bishop answered questions from the audience pertaining to the parish clustering process. The following is a portion of that question and answer session relating to matters of parish finances and how the Diocese of Cleveland's clustering process compares to what has happened in other dioceses around the United States."

Foxie likes to draw. Over at her blog if you scroll down just a bit you'll find her sketch of Adam's Ale's header. Good work there!

Some old friends sent video in. Makes you think a bit around Thanksgiving time. Thanks for sending it in guys!

Wow. What a groove. Catholic Carnival 199 is up and awaiting your visit.

My cousin sent this in. See what was the #1 pop song on the day you were born. Mine was, "I Got You babe" by Sonny and Cher. LOL! Believe it or not I have that single! (For those of you who know what a single is.)

Well, thank you for all of your doggy advice most of which had me in stitches. The "Lab" experiment was wonderful in the evening but then again the house was empty. He is a remarkably behaved dog for a youngster. His favorite activity after running is sitting on my feet and being that I like to keep this house next to frigid when nobody else is here that is quite nice. I am still not sure it is a wise idea. I wish he had a day job and came here after 5:00. Here are a couple of pictures of him on his interview.

Can you resist this face?


Adoro said...

Oh my gosh, how adorable is THAT!?

Anonymous said...

I think you're going to have to bring him up & have him play with Lucky & Jake. Or...we'll have to bring them down for a play date. He's adorable!!!

(and no, you can't resist that face).

Elena LaVictoire said...

He is very cute! I'd say you certainly passed his interview!

Adoro said...

I'm so totally bringing my shepherd to ohio to play. :-)

Anonymous said...

He's adorable He looks so sweet. What a great companion. He will learn to behave. He might even help in your ministry with people who need some unconditional love. Dog's have a great sense of how people are feeling. Our dog is still here she's
16 and a half. She's a little odd but
still brings joy to her family.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Nick. isn't it interesting and amazing how some people can cope with their handicaps and others have no clue. What a strong man in spirit and body.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anonymous, how dare Nick even swim?? What a wonder of a God-trusting man! Some days when I think something in my life is unfair, I see a teen girl from 6th St. in her brand new wheelchair, for life, now. Or I see the quadriplegic fellow from up the street, whose black lab accompanies his breath-powered wheelchair. Surely, I would go out of my mind to lose the use of my limbs. These brave people move me to MOVE.

As for that gorgeous doggy coat and eyes and snout, I don't think you're going to be able to resist totally, Fr. V. Can you dog-share him with another parish? He doesn't look like "Roomy" anyway - more like "Bonesie."

NC Conch said...

Very cool that you posted that video. Just yesterday I sent another video of the same gentleman to a friend whose arm is paralyzed due to an accident this past summer. My friend has been having a hard time coping.

Anonymous said...

Answer to the last question: Yes. Think about the other end.

MJ said...

Laurie says he's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

The children will love him - especially during the Liturgy of the Word in the basement. I have a feeling it will be quite difficult to get them to listen to God's word when one of His most faithful animals will also be in attendance.