Monday, November 17, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND - "We can all love mankind if we remember not to judge them by their leaders." G. K. Chesterton

QUOTE II - "My dear child," he said, "Lawyers have to be honest, or dishonest people would not come to them." Rineheart


Thanks to the person who sent this in! Though I love the Pirates of Penzance I don't see using this ditty at the Easter Vigil this hear.

My cousins gave me their back issues of Gilbert Magazine which I have just fallen in love with. In the June '08 issue there is an article about Cleveland's Jesuit run Saint Ignatius High School where it was reported that, "I would wager that next to Chesterton Academy, St. Ignatius has the finest High School theology department in the country - one that has been teaching Chesterton for years even when the allure of all the moderns has been all the rage in other parts of this old Jesuit school." They are directly responsible for the Chesterton Pez dispenser pictured here.

It is also reported that you can go here to hear Chesterton's poem, "Lepanto" set to music. Enjoy!

Does anybody know what became of the Cleveland area Chesterton Society that was attempting to get off of the ground? Is there one in Akron?

F. S. sent this game in called, "The Eyeballing Game." I told him that it drove me nuts and he reminded me that it really wasn't a far drive. I was enjoying it until I realized that the point was to have a low score.

Fr. O exiled at school sent this quiz in. It is harder than you might think! You job: tell which quotes are from Sacred Scripture and which are from Shakespeare pen. Good luck!

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You're not going to sing the Saints? Ah, drat! And I would have come over specifically to see that!