Monday, November 3, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND - "There is something almost blasphemous about calling a book that lies unopened on a coffee table, "the Word of God." According to Scripture itself, God's Word is an active, dynamic force that never returns void but accomplished that for which it is sent (Is 55:11). The Word of God cleanses, heals, creates, judges, and saves, but it does not sit on coffee tables. A better formulation than saying The Bible is the Word of God, would be to say, The Bible becomes the Word of God in those who receive it." from Mark Allan Powell's, "What Is Narrative Criticism" (Thanks B)


How absolutely smashing, Jay sent a missive announcing Catholic Carnival 196.

F.S. sent this in for apple pickling weather. WARNING: ADDICTION LEVEL: MEDIUM. He also sent this site in chock full of Christmas recipes. Is it that time already?

F.S. has busy this week! (Thanks!) He also sent this in: "Danny Abramowicz, former NFL all-pro wide receiver and coach, along with his other team members, has created a television show with EWTN Global Catholic Network called, “Crossing the Goal” which uses a sports show format to encourage men to get into spiritual shape." You can find it here.
The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter says, "Review a "General Election 2008 Candidate Survey" sponsored by The Cleveland Diocesan Social Action Office and The Sisters of Charity Health System"

Adoro sent this link to an order to check out.

I almost forgot about this test over at Servant and Steward. What does your taste in art say about you?

Kay says, "If you enjoyed the gorilla - take a look at some of these other videos." I think you know about which gorilla she is referring.


Anonymous said...

"..the impresssionist personality views the world from many different aspects. They enjoy life and try to keep a realistic viewpoint of things, but are not very open to new experiences." (Too true -- I will look at every restaurant's menu in full --I'll be drooling over the Alfredo Whatever or veg fajitas with all the attendant greenery and fine and fattening creams and sauces-- but I will always order the baked stuffed seafood, with drawn buttah.

That was a long quiz, but neat to see art I wasn't at all expecting to see today (or even soon)! I was afraid the results would say, "You're a snooty snob of a Catholic. Out with you--out!"

I'll have to go check out Kay's videos now..

Anonymous said...

I think you know about which gorilla she is referring.

...and it's not Magilla the Gorilla, although I still remember those cartoons all too well.

btw - nice 'keep right' sign. I think it is referring to the 'other' right. *grin*

MJ said...

Love the quote about the bible, how true!!