Monday, November 3, 2008



Be informed and vote!

Here is a repost of the Unites States Catholic Conference of Bishop's message to us about our role in faithful citizenship!

And here is an inspirational video to remind you how important it is to get out and vote! (I think you'll enjoy it.)

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Anonymous said...

I put the very large Ron Paul sign at my front door (we are located a few houses away from where our ward votes). I put the smaller one in the hedges where it also can't be missed. Of course, I'll not be writing him in - by virtue of my religion, I am a one issue voter today, and I will make that clear - but I will make a statement here in my neighborhood as well. Perhaps Ron Paul will run in his original party someday, and win. If we last that long. Or maybe the Democrats will give us back the party.

Either way, I'm glad this day is finally here. I've never seen such mudslinging and game-playing and vote-enhancing airtime-buying. Ugh. I've also rarely been so embarrassed by my fellow women -- imagine Hillaryites now voting Republican simply because there is a woman on the ticket. Ow.

Well, God bless us, every one. We'll have enormous work to do from tomorrow onward.