Tuesday, November 24, 2020



So far being alone in my rooms hasn't been so bad.  I worry that I am prematurely positive about this.  Is there something for which I am not preparing?  I think of prisoners thrown into solitary confinement and wonder how they get started.  One can only sleep so long.  I know solitude is where one can find God and himself, but - well - I'm a planner.

So yesterday I sat down and made a plan.  I am not going to just sleep through this.  I put together a list of things that I will do every day so I don't end up on Monday (only Monday for Pete's sake) wearing 10 day old pajamas and covered in stubble and cheese powder.  
It helps to have some structure to the day.  And really, the amount of support that I have around here and the nice room that I do have makes it all quite fine.  It is really helping me come to appreciate how much I have (which is too much as I am discovering since one of my activities is cleaning out my room.  Where did all this stuff come from?)  

And the best part of the day is celebrating the Mass on my grandparent's victrola.  Notice that I can see the church where right now there is adoration going on and people praying.  And the little rose window replica is from the old St. Sebastian church and would have been what the priests would have seen when they celebrated Mass here before Vatican II.

Time for the next part of the day!  Forward!  Stay well!  Praying for all my readers.


Anonymous said...

I felt somewhat isolated when I first retired, Father. I am not really an extrovert, but still, I missed being around others to some extent. You are right to have structure in your day, and to do what you must carefully and well. It really feels as if someone has pulled the rug from under you when something like this happens. But I think God has His reasons for the situations in which He places us, and He has great plans for you as well.

When my good St. Francis was imprisoned during a local turf war in Italy before his conversion, he sat in a dungeon for a year with nothing to do but think. As a result of this, he found direction and purpose in his previously rather frivolous life. And through this, he found great joy even in his suffering, and came to understand the Franciscan concept of Perfect Joy - to find joy in suffering along with Jesus.

I know you already realize all this far better than I, but I admire those who find God even in the most unpleasant situations, as I think you do. I hope you do not suffer too much with being isolated and ill.

I hope you grow stronger every day until you are well again, Fr. V. Your cluster neighbor, Sue from St. B

Fr. V said...

Thank you Sue! That was beautiful!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck