Sunday, April 12, 2020


Easter morning Mass is live-streamed at 9AM with Fr. Simone and the extraordinary for Mass (Latin) at 11AM.  Find it HERE.
 You can also find our Easter Vigil there.

Saw this at the church door yesterday and it touched my heart.


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy and blessed Easter, Father Valencheck and Father Simone! And Mr. Kelly and Deacon Terry as well!

I agree - the chalk drawing is priceless. And it speaks for me, and probably all your parishioners. The Masses and devotions broadcast from St. Sebastian (and from my parish and sister parish, St. Bernard and St. Mary) are invaluable and very much appreciated, and keep us in touch with our parishes, and more importantly, our Faith. But *nothing* can possibly replace receiving the Blessed Sacrament, and being with our beloved parish families and parish priests.

We certainly miss you all. And we will all undoubtedly acquire a new and deeper appreciation for our Catholic Faith, our parishes, and our good and holy priests. What a glorious day, and what a reunion we will have, when we can all be together again!

God bless and protect everyone at St. Sebastian, St. Mary, St. Vincent, and St. Bernard, and keep us healthy! Sue from St. B

Joni Johnson said...

The Vigil Mass was wonderful! When you blessed us with the incense, I actually cried. Thank you for your hard work to live stream the Mass. ♥️