Tuesday, April 2, 2019


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT CAN BE FOUND:  "Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech is famous because it put forward an inspiring, positive vision that carried within it a critique of the current moment.  Imagine how history would have turned out had King given an 'I have a Nightmare' speech."  from Micheal Schellenberger and Ted Nordhaus', "The Death of Enviromentalism"


Three articles sent in from P.V.:

HERE is an article about elderly women using canes to defend an attacker of their priest.

HERE is an article on why churches need to be beautiful.

HERE is an article about the movie UNPLANNED.

Below are the stones being flung into the new plaza area preparing the area for the pouring of cement.
 Here come the cement trucks!
 She is going to look pretty soon!
Look who's coming to town TOMORROW!  For more on Eric Armusik go HERE for check out his Facebook Page
P.O. sent in THIS video but you must go to the site to see it.  This one's for you men.


Kim Miller said...

I don't know ... just to get you fired up today (and you know I'm good at that!), I think the new plaza will look "beautiful" and I'm going to love it!

Sorry Fr, couldn't resist ..... doesn't take ANYTHING away from the true meaning of our conversation posted with you and Fr Trenta!


Fr. V said...

You made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the story on Unplanned. I saw it last Saturday and found myself wiping away tears throughout the movie. I have a bad feeling that a lot of Catholics think that this issue belongs to women and their "choice". It is NOT a choice, and all Catholics should be reminded of that. I think we have a responsibility to speak out against it.

Fr. Christopher Trenta said...