Tuesday, January 24, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "It is an error, or rather a heresy, to wish to banish the devout life from the regiment of soldiers, from the mechanic's shop, the court of princes, or the home of married people . . . Purely contemplative, monastic, and religious devotion cannot be exercised in such states of life.  However, there are several others adapted to bring perfection to those living in the secular state."  St. Francis de Sales


A couple of people sent me this link to some church renovations with before and after pictures.  Normally the word renovation makes me nervous but these are cool.  See more HERE.

Catholic Schools Week is coming up.  There will be an open house for interested parents and families this weekend.  See more HERE.  Your parish school should be having an open house too.  Check it out.
 ToT Akron will have a larger room this month to welcome Mother Theodora.  Read more HERE.
This new Catholic school for children with learning challenges will be opening this August in Akron.  Several open houses are scheduled.  See more HERE.

Sorry there was no Monday Diary yesterday.  The day was just way to crazy to have time to draw!

I think it was Sunday morning Sebastian and I went for an early morning airing out.  There was a great fog about.  Luckily I had my camera - well - my phone with me.

 January 20th (though we moved it to Sunday) was not only St. Sebastian day . . .
 It was also Sebastian, my dog's, 10th birthday.
Speaking of feast days . . . happy feast day to Fr. Bline and Fr. Thomas and all of our friends over at St. Francis de Sales!

I am not sure if I can post this type of video but I'm giving it a shot.  It's Sebastian getting one of his birthday presents.  Below that is him opening his gift from me - the best part of it being the box.
Here is video is a bit controversial but I think it worthy of contemplation - for some reason I can't post it but you can to it HERE.

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Chris P. said...

That last video is a longer and modern version of the much more pithy and eloquent Joseph de Maistre quote "Every Nation Gets the Government they Deserve."