Tuesday, January 10, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Democracy is like a tambourine - not everyone can be trusted with it."  John Oliver

QUOTE II:  "The most important political office is that of private citizen."  Louis Brandeis


The WVIZ special on Mother Mary Thomas and her painting (with a guest appearance of your chief Adam's Ale editor ME) that aired on January 6th has, on the WVIZ website, had 14,000 hits so far!  You SEE THE VIDEO HERE.

Stephen Aron will be performing classical guitar favorites along with newly composed pieces. Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear Prof. Aron play locally at St. Sebastian Parish as part of the afternoon with an artist series sponsored by the Academy of Culture and Arts! Read more about it HERE.

Theology on Tap AKRON will open its doors tomorrow night at 7PM with Fr. Louis Thomas of St. Francis de Sales.  There is a new location however!  TOTA invites you to their new venue at the Winking Lizard Tavern in Peninsula.  Thank you Thirsty Dog for your hospitality for our first three TOTAs and also thank you to St. John the Baptist Parish, Akron for sponsoring this month's TOTA.


Chris P. said...

So... on Fr. Thomas de Harley...

Yesterday night, the 2nd grade PSR folks at his parish made their first confession with him, Fr B, Fr P and a Fr. Savchuck (sp?) of whom I am not familiar... It was lovely and cute and inspirational, and I was pumped that none of the priests were able to attend the cookies and punch reception afterwards because all of us old folks monopolized their time.


I felt bad for the three aforementioned priests because all of the kids (save for maybe 5) sprinted to get in line with Fr. Thomas. They all had to be shuttled, many against their will to the other three priests. It was a moving, yet very 7 and 8 year old moment.

Anonymous said...

PBS station WVIZ aired again the video clip (re: Mother Mary Thomas and the murals) this Sunday morning 11/12/17 on "Applause" show. Lovely! How are things going, Fr. V, with Mother's efforts for completion of the murals? Please give an update in your blog, if able.