Wednesday, August 3, 2016


What the Church needs is more people who are willing to risk failure.  Say what you will about St. Peter, before he sank he did walk on the water, for at least a moment.  Nobody else even got out of the boat.

But Peter’s flaw was focusing on himself.  As long as he focused on Christ he was just fine.  The moment he started to worry and focus on himself, he began to sink.  I see this all the time.  I am guilty of this all of the time.

Here are some modern day examples:

The Spirit prompts to tell a young person that they have the traits of a good Church vocation, but then the self jumps in and say, “Oh, they’ll think I’m odd.  They don’t want to be bothered.  I don’t want to face their reaction.”

The Spirit prompts to ask someone, “Do you want to pray about it?”  But then the self jumps in and says, “Only weirdos do that.  What if they go spreading stories about me?”

The Spirit prompts you to say to someone, “Do you want to come to Mass with me?”  But the self jumps in and says, “You know they don’t want to.  They may laugh.  You do their private thing and they will do theirs.”

If more of us took the risk of trusting and stepping out of the boat, what a different seascape we would have.  If none of us do, this whole enterprise will stall.  But even if you fail, you were the one to step out of the boat.  You walked on the water for at least a moment!  Let the other person bring the act of faith to an end - not you.  God did not create us to guard our comfort.  He made us to walk on water.

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Rachel said...

I definitely needed this reminder today. :)