Thursday, August 18, 2016


Every brick at St. Sebastian Parish is from the Belden Brick Company in Ohio.  Every brick in our nine buildings was designated where to go by Robert Kraus Sr.  He grew up in Akron and went to St. Bernard Parish School with our founding pastor Monsignor Zwisler.  Monsignor went on to Rome to study and become a priest and Mr. Kraus became an architect opening his offices in the Highland Square area, a hop, skip, and a jump from St. Sebastian.

When (then) Father Zwisler was brought to Akron to found a new parish, his old school chum gave him space for a parish office at his architectural firm and they set about designing first building; a combination church, school, convent, and hall, a building that has held up spectacularly for almost 90 years.

Since then, other buildings have dotted our campus.  The most recent one, the “new” church had the cornerstone set in 1958.  It was this building that his son, Mr. Bob Kraus assisted is some of the design.  Later, the son would go on to design many ecclesial buildings in the Diocese of Cleveland including such places as St. Francis de Sales in Portage Lakes, Sacred Heart in Barberton, and St. Ambrose in Brunswick.  He died this past week and his funeral is today.  What a legacy to leave behind.  His work for the Lord will stand for generations.

But there is one thing that we can do that will stand even longer - guaranteed.  Whether you are a parent, Godparent, catechist, priest, deacon, or supporter, when you help guide a soul toward baptism and faith, you establish a work that lasts eternally.  When the memory of you work fades on earth, the monument built by your efforts is still shiny, new, and impressive in the eternal kingdom.

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