Tuesday, June 28, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "[I]n today's economy beauty is the great equalizer, a backstage pass."  from Hoah Hawley's, "Before the Fall"

QUOTE II:  "Sports is a meritocracy after all."  same source

QUOTE III:  "She hated him, he thought, but isn't hate just the thing we do to love when the pain become unbearable?" same source


I am taking much of today away with the seminarians staying here this summer to visit CHRIST THE BRIDEGROOM MONASTERY in Burton Ohio.  Read more about them HERE.  We are going to visit St. Sebastian, an icon painted by Sister Iliana and paid for by the Saint Sebastian Bridge Flights in honor of our 90th anniversary coming up in 2018.

So I don't have a lot of time to post today.  HERE is a new podcast site for the homilies from St. Sebastian.  If you listen to my homily from this past weekend (13th Sunday) you will hear the ONLY homily I have every given that got applause - mostly because I mention LeBran James.  Yes, we wanted a win that badly.  Only something a North East Ohioan can understand.  

Here is the next installment in a crash course in philosophy.  Ten minutes.

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Chris P. said...

So, for those who find such things amusing, "The Borowitz Report" is an "Onion" style satire site that The New Yorker magazine publishes.

Some is political and I have no desire to talk politics. However, I highly recommend this link - "LeBron Feeds Entire City of Cleveland with Loaves and Fishes."