Tuesday, April 26, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "To protest against God in the name of justice is not helpful.  A world without God is a world without hope."  from Pope Benedict's "Spe Salve"

QUOTE II:  "You can't just enjoy the heat.  You must throw logs on the fire."  Fr. Gene Fulton


Mary sent in THIS VIDEO of Eric Genius, a talented guy I had the privilege of meeting last year.  Here is the power of beauty at work in a jail.  He has a couple of upcoming concerts.  See more HERE.

I was gone last week so Sebastian spent time with friends.  Here he is helping make dinner.

Pat sent in THIS ARTICLE about a Virgin Mary statue that survived the earthquake in Ecuador.

Confused about the Pope's latest writing?  Look HERE.  Thanks Nan.

Where is the most beautiful church in the United States?  The Chicago Tribune says THIS is it.  Thanks Cindy.

Adam sent this video in:  How to be Ultra Spiritual (Hysterical)


Chris P. said...

Oh man, when it said St. John Cantius was the most beautiful church in America, I was really hoping it was the one in Tremont with the bowling alley.

Although, while very pretty, that would have been a major upset.

I wonder if the bowling alley is even there anymore...

Pat said...

Here's a link to the Eric Genuis article entitled "Pro-life composer has a mission to bring beauty to the ugly prisons of America" (well-worth reading):


Anonymous said...

Can we get Sebastian some "Just for Men" to cover that gray ??

maryofsharon said...

The documentary,Restoring the Sacred , about St. John Cantius parish's resurrection from near death, is both fascinating and inspiring. Going to Mass at the church is on my bucket list.

MaryofSharon said...

Fr. V., I'm glad to hear that you've met Eric already. I hope you also had a chance to hear him play. The passion with which he plays his beautiful original compositions is unlike anything I've ever seen. Here's the info on his local concerts:

Concerts for Mercy and Hope
with acclaimed Catholic composer, virtuoso pianist, and dynamic performer
Eric Genuis

Thursday, April 28
Dinner at 6:00 p.m.
Chicken parmesan, rigatoni, salad, bread
Concert at 7:00 p.m.
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
146 High Street, Wadsworth
Sponsored by Sanctuary at Magnolia

Wednesday, May 4
Dinner at 6:00 pm
Concert at 7:00 pm
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
606 E. Washington St., Medina, OH
Also featuring Ryan Neal, Parish Director of Music
Sponsored by Sanctuary at Evergreen

"It is my privilege and goal to share with my audience the life giving beauty of music
-- a language beyond words with the ability to stir the heart, inspire the mind, and enliven the soul.
It is my sincere desire that my music will awaken hope, uplift the emotions, renew the spirit,
and resonate within the heart of our shared human experience." (Eric Genuis).

Eric believes the role of music is to bring hope and healing to the human soul.
His compositions appeal to lovers of both classical and contemporary music.
Come and enjoy this inspirational concert with family and friends.

Video introduces you to Eric and his music:

View Eric’s prison concert.
“I’ve been in here almost my whole life, and this concert almost made it worth it” (inmate).
“I forgot what hope felt like” (inmate).
“These people are starving for beauty, but they have almost no experience of it” (Eric Genuis).
Interview with Eric about what happen

Life Site Magazine interviews Eric Genuis
The power of beauty to inspire and give hope in toughest prisons.

Fr. V said...

There's got to be a product out there - Just for Dogs.