Thursday, February 26, 2015


I can't believe (well, actually I can) that I missed MY OWN ANNIVERSARY!  ADAM'S ALE turned eight years old this past February 9th.  Every few months I think about hanging it up.  I am surprised that it has lasted as long as it has.  Just when I start praying and asking God if this project has run its course, something happens - one of you will say something - and I take it as a sign to keep writing.  I do (most of the time) enjoy this little project.  Nothing like combining ministry with a hobby of sorts.  But it wouldn't mean anything without you.  Thank you for reading.
To date there have been:
328,352 visits
476,588 page views
About 115 unique readers each day.
64% of readers are from North America.  (Hello to everyone!)
2% are from Canada don't you know.  (I'll be up that way in September.  Canada is awesome.)
1% read ADAM'S ALE in Russian.  Dobroye utro!
1% read this in Spanish.  Hola!

The most read post of all time is "How Come I Don't Remember."  But it was not a great post.  I think it just got read a lot because of it's title.  See it HERE

China, United Kingdom, Ukraine, France, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands all make it on the percentage board for reading this blog the past year.  Keep the faith brothers and sisters.

There have been 8,685 comments made.
2,081 post have been written.
Just for something fun to do on this day - here is a Lenten Game that sounds easy but requires some thinking and time.  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  Go HEREWARNING: Addiction level MODERATE.


Anonymous said...

send another letter to the editor

Matt W said...

HeeHaw? Where did that come from? Happy birthday, AA.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your most read post isn't the one about the other priests eating your Value-time cheese curls. That was the funniest thing ever!

Stephen the Unnecessary said...

Seriously Father, Your Blog is important to me. You have turned on lights in my mind and my heart many times these past few years.

I place you on in the same class
with Fr. Robert Barron.

Thank you Jesus for using Father Valencheck to bring me closer to you.