Monday, February 9, 2015


Kings used to have court jesters to keep them humble and from their heads swelling to much.  They still exist.  For some people they are called their children.  For pastors they are often called parochial vicars.

Humility, humility, and ever more humility.


Anonymous said...

Father -

I saw your letter to the editor in the ABJ today. Well done! They need to ask you to write an editorial to answer Mr. Ryan's. Your letter was logical and sensible, and you had all your ducks in a row as far as references. Thank you for speaking for all of us!

Pat said...

I add my thanks as well.

When a public figure comments, publicly, on matters of Catholic doctrine, the response of a priest or deacon carries extra weight, because ordained clergy have studied doctrine more so than the average layperson.

Elena LaVictoire said...

Great job on letter to the editor!

Cathy said...

Novena to the Holy Ghost
(Prayed for the Parochial Vicar)

Third Day: The Gift of PIETY

The gift of Piety begets in our hearts a filial affection for God as our most loving Father.
It inspires us to love and respect for His sake persons and things consecrated to Him, as well as those who are vested with His authority, His Blessed Mother and the saints, the Church, and its visible Head, our parents and superiors, our country and its rulers.
He who is filled with the gift of Piety finds the practice of his religion, not a burdensome duty, but a delightful service.
Where there is love, there is no labor.

Prayer: Come, O Blessed Spirit of Piety, possess my heart. Enkindle therein such a love for God, that I may find satisfaction only in His service, and for His sake lovingly submit to all legitimate authority. Amen.

...In any profession, it is always wise to recognize that our immediate superiors have much to teach us if only we will listen. This is why the good Lord gave us two ears but only one mouth.