Friday, August 22, 2014


Yesterday we had a new student picnic for families that are coming to St. Sebastian Parish School.  I was asked to say a few words and as part of that something similar to this was said, “This is Catholic school and at the center of that is Jesus Christ.  As such it is essential that you bring your kids to Mass on Sunday.”  After I asked a teacher if it seemed too harsh and the teacher responded, “No.  It was plain.  I like plain, clear speaking.”
Paragraph 19 is the Church speaking clearly and plainly concerning what she believes about the four Gospels.  She “unhesitatingly affirms” that what they faithfully relay to us what Jesus said and taught concerning our salvation until the day of His ascension.  After His ascension, what is written is true but is a further reflection on what they witnessed, learned, and contemplated in the Holy Spirit.  The purpose of their writing is that we might know truth.
This is not mentioned specifically but it points toward the development of the Bible also.  Firstly all these things had to be witnessed.  There are obviously things in Scripture that took place after Jesus ascended.  Hence Jesus did not hand the Church a completed Bible.  The disciples then went about teaching and preaching.  Only then did they write anything down and they were not all together when they wrote.  In fact, it would be centuries before an official Bible took form as the writings are brought together, used, studied, debated, with the Catholic Church, relying on sacred Tradition, declaring a definitive version of the Bible, which remained in place until Martin Luther.


Tiffany said...

Fr. Valencheck- i was at the picnic and I thought what you said was absolutely perfect, even necessary. i loved it. Clear not harsh.

Anonymous said...

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